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As I said in yesterday’s post, we just returned from a week in the mountains for Thanksgiving vacation. My in laws, all around, were in attendance all week, with the exceptions of my stepson, Jordan, and my nephew, Christopher.

Earlier in the week, Christopher was still in Miami for a varsity basketball game. His dad, Steve, called Christopher while I was standing nearby. After all the usual Q & A of, “How’s it going?” “How’d your game go last night?”, that sorta stuff, Steve left Christopher with one parting piece of advice:

“Be respectful to the Smiths.” The Smiths are family friends who Christopher stayed with while his mom and dad were in the mountains.

Be respectful. That’s a lot less subjective than, “Be good!” Don’t you think?

Even if respect is a bit subjective, it has an air of the Golden Rule to it. Simply act in a way that tells others they are acknowledged and appreciated.

Do you always act respctful? I wish I could say YES…but I don’t. And with Steve’s bit of food for thought, maybe that’ll start to take the place of, “Be good.”

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