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Yippie! We finally made this happen!

I’ve been communicating with folks at Wichita State for the last couple of years, always trying to work out a visit to campus. And we finally made it happen!

Not only did I get to present for the general student population of WSU, but also for the TRIO program and the Campus Lifestaff.

Let me give you a little info about TRIO….this is some truly awesome work that I think everyone should know about…

We all know that education is the most efficient and proven way for the underprivileged to get a foothold in the world. TRIO helps make this happen. If students have an obstacle which prevents them from obtaining education as easily as other kids, TRIO lends a helping hand.

Students with lack of finances, parents with no education, disabilities, in the foster system, veterans who’ve served and who are now seeking an education (the Gear Up portion of TRIO is especially close to my heart)…just a fantastic way to help people better themselves through education and opportunities. Never let it be said that our government wastes all tax payers money-because this is the shiniest star of non-wasted government funds I’ve ever witnessed!

Special thanks to Grady Landrum, Martha Lewis, Jessica Provin…actually, just the whole department of campus life! Had such, SUCH a great time with y’all while I was in Wichita and I can’t wait to come back again! Grady, you’re the bomb to work with and I’m so glad we had time to get to know one another! See ya in Louisville this summer!

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