Montgomery County R-2 Middle School

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Back in the late 80s, I was a pretty typical adolescent; getting my heart broken, going through puberty, developing my personality, getting my first kiss, playing sports.

Friday, March 20, I had some major flashbacks to that time… because I went back to my old middle school, Montgomery County R-II Middle School.

It’s awesome to present for any group, but to be able to do it in my old gymnasium for a whole up-and-coming group of MC Wildcat students was just really special! Plus, this time when I went to the principal’s office? It was for doughnuts – not detention!

Thanks to Principal Madonna Pund, asst. principal Chris Parker and counselor Mrs. Lavy for being such great hosts for my time back in my old stompin’ grounds!

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  • Brittany

    i go there ha you sent me a comment on my space and said that it still smalls the same ha!! I guess you got in trouble when you went there cuz you said this time when you went to the office is your wern’t in truable you were getting doughnut’s

  • marcus

    Actually, I think I only had detention once…but that could be selective memory!

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