The Uselessness of Polls

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Okay, not all polls are useless. I totally understand the idea of getting an idea of the pulse of the nation by folks participating in surveys. But there was one I saw recently that takes the cake.

We all know about the AirFrance flight that went down in the southern Atlantic a week or two ago. On a major news site, the poll question was:

What do you think caused this crash? A. pilot error B. weather C. electronics failure D. terrorists

And the answer is…no one cares what your opinion is unless you know something about it! But here’s the salesman in Hoboken checking “electronics failure” when he can’t even fix a toilet! If you’re a meterologist? Fine, I’d love your take! An aeronautical engineer? Even better! A pilot? Awesome, spill your guts! A nurse in Tucson? Not so much!

Look, polls are great for gaining opinions of how people feel and behave. It’s not an accurate way of finding answers to non-related querries. Please just consider what you’re reading and why your opinion might (or might not) matter.

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