What the Missionaries?

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Okay, I don’t know the full story on this, but I thought it was pretty disturbing…

A missionary group from a church in NJ was in Haiti before the earthquake. The members of the church were having no luck getting in touch with the missionaries, so they all gathered at their church to pray and support one another. The local media came to the church to cover the story.

At one point, a hurried press conference and meeting was called with the gathered members. A female parisoner took the mic and said they’d just received word…all their missionaries were okay and were waiting to get on their first flight out of Haiti.

Beg pardon?

Isn’t that precisely WHEN missionaries are most needed? I’m not there and all I can really know about the disaster comes from the tube and the net. And yet? How many of us feel totally helpless? If we COULD be in Haiti, what would we do? First aid, digging through the rubble, corralling children away from dangerous areas? Pass out water? Yes…to all. We all have the ability to do something. I just cannot figure out why a group with a mission to help would, in the face of a golden opprotunity to help, try to leave. Anyone?

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  • Susabelle

    Well, realistically? Missionaries are there to convert people to Christianity. And if the environment is not conducive to that, some of them will just get the heck out of dodge. But I agree with you, that’s pretty rude – they should be staying there to help.

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