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I’m a bit behind on podcast listening, so some of my info was a lot more relevant a couple weeks ago. Things like the Haiti response are currently filtering into my melon, just a bit tardy…

One of my most recent podcasts was an interview with a prominent Missouri lawmaker who was recently indicted on charges of campaign corruption. I don’t know this guy, I know his crime concerned nothing to do with defrauding the citizens, but he lied to an investigative team of FBI agents and THAT’s a big part of the reason he’ll probably be wearing silver bracelets.

When the interviewer candidly asked the former lawmaker about his image, his work and how he’ll be remembered, the lawmaker made an interesting point. In a nutshell, he said he hopes he’ll be remembered for the years of good service he gave to his fellow citizens, and not for a momentary lapse of judgement which cost him his job AND his freedom.

Good point. I think we all have the potential to make a really dumb choice and have it be our legacy. Lord knows I’m a walking example of another person’s bad choice, just a few moments of wrong decisions and-BAM! Your identity is sealed. Yet…is that really fair? Maybe not, but it’s reality.

Now, let’s talk about something else. Anyone who knows me is aware of my deep seeded revulsion to money snatching religious “authorities.” It disgusts me to no end to hear about clergy who manipulate parishoners out of money based on greed. Frankly, I don’t have much fondness for any intersection of money and God. But, I digress…

Knowing my distaste for church and money issues, you could probably guess I’d be up in arms over Pat Robertson’s remarks on Haiti. Ya know, the idea that 200 years ago, the Haitians made a deal with Satan and that’s why the earthquake happened. Truly, you can’t get much more absurd than that.

And Pat Robertson has a bit of a history of saying wacky things, so this may not totally apply…but, just for a second, let’s give ol’ Pat the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say he misspoke and, if he could, he’d go back and retract that comment…or even clarify it in such a way that it’s not so off the wall. Would we, the public, have any grace for Pat? It’s hard to think we would. Yet, like the lawmaker who made a quick decision that cost him his career, Pat Robertson’s words maybe…just maybe…might have not been what he meant. And he’s dealing with the fallout.

I don’t buy into tele- evangelists, but a whole, WHOLE lotta people do. And if Pat Robertson’s 700 Club has given those folks hope and prayer and comfort, it’s unfortunate his comments on Haiti overshadow those good works.

It ain’t my thing, but I’m trying to be a little more accepting of the mistakes of others. If nothing else, I want to be able to, at least, have a little perspective.

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