Running Their Own Race

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Over the weekend, I got caught up with my buddy, C.J. He’s in a local band with a local celebrity and has really been getting some attention in the Orlando area. When we talked, I congratulated him on all the gigs he’s been getting lately and the publicity the band has received.

“Yeah, it probably looks good from the outside,” he said, “But the inside baseball scoop is that it’s crumbling quick. The lead singer isn’t E mailing the rest of the band the set lists, half the time we get on stage we haven’t even practiced the songs he’s picked out. And then there are just the egos; a lot of infighting andit starts to feel like I’m the supervisor of an adult day care.”

I let him vent because, hey, that’s what friends do. And really, a lot of it just sounds like rock-n-roll!

The next day, I saw his post on Facebook. Apparently, he had some time to simmer down because this was his status:

“I’ve come to realize all the crap I presume from other people isn’t necessarily what I think. Everyone is just busy trying to run their own race. So am I.”

When I take some time to marinate on this, it gets even more clear. When I get frustrated at others for the way they act, talk, etc., I’ve been trying to take a step back and be Zen. They’re just running their race the only way they know how. I am, too.

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