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I know Garrett and I are still getting used to one another, but I’ve gotta say that his lack of tail wagging isn’t something I’m used to. When he’s playing or getting praise, he’ll give wags, but in general, he seems pretty serious about his work.

While coming upstairs this morning after breakfast, I felt another dog’s nose nudging the back of my leg…until I figured out it wasn’t another dog, nor his nose, but Garrett wagging his tail while we ascended. It’s the first time I’ve seen him wagging that tail while he’s working. Hoping he begins to understand that we call guiding “work”, but hopefully it’s fun for the dog.

Since it’s Sunday, it’s a lazy day around here. No trips, no real hardcore training. Still, I want to get out and work Garrett, so we just hit the leisure path. Throughout the one third mile track, he kept his attention focused and appropriate. He also showed me back to the building with no hesitation whatsoever. All in all, a fine job once again!

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