Christmas Chairity…Incognito!

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This is one of my fav times of year, mainly because we get to see the public at it’s best. Now, if you’ve just come from the busiest shopping day of the year and mile long lines at Wally World, you may not have witnessed the best of folks. But, just look through some of the headlines and you may find a different story.

Lately, I’ve been skimming articles about something that makes me very, very happy: chairitable giving. Anonymous chairitable giving. Mainly in the form of donations into Salvation Army bell ringer buckets. Every year, the Salvation Army finds a great deal of gold coins, luxury watches, wads of bills, etc. I just find this cool! The donor isn’t looking for accolades, but just wants to give for the sake of giving. They’re not getting the tax write off, they’re not getting congrats and compliments, really nothing more than the “God bless you” of the bell ringer.

The best kind of chairity is anonymous. Then, no one can second guess motivations of the donor. At this time of year, what can you do, strictly for the joy of giving? Anything you can drop in the bucket that’s more than your spare change? Whatever you do, your true desire to give should be noted…by you and only you.

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