He’s Not Going To Know What Hit Him!

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Sometimes, it’s best I keep my sources anonymous.


I receive a lot of info from a lot of different places. One of my favs is Twitter, though, because I don’t have to sift through tons of pictures that are useless to me (and everyone else, for that matter), plus I get a direct connection with other Tweeters.


Some of the folks I follow are news sources, some are authors and speakers I look up to, some are just old friends. This story comes from one of the latter; a person I talk to regularly and (gasp!) have actually hugged.


Okay, so this friend is a middle school teacher and often tweets about the antics her students pull. My favorite ever was how, on a field trip, one of her students took a poop in a very open, very public location…and then took a picture. The student then brought the pic on his phone and showed it off in class. I mean, you can’t make up comedy like this!


So, not only is following this teacher friend funny, but often inspiring. Reason being, she IS a teacher. And by that I mean that she truly has the best interest of her students at heart. She is an educator AND, though she doesn’t get paid for it, practically does the case load of a social worker. She sees each student as having unlimited potential. No one is written off as unable to learn, survive and thrive. This is one of her tweets from yesterday that really put a smile on my face:


“Oh, this kid has totally underestimated my determination to see him succeed! He is not going to know what hit him!”



Knowing this teacher, I know exactly what will hit this kid. He’ll be pounded with hope, love, aspiration and motivation for him to be better than he thinks he can be. That’s just the way she is.


I think we’ve all been challenged and touched by a teacher who believed in us; maybe even more than we believed in ourselves. If you had one of these special teachers, I’d love to hear about him/her!


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