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What’s your definition of a hero?

My definition is fluid, but this always seems an element: heroes rush in when everyone else rushes out.

That’s why we all know the first responders on 9-11 were heroes. That’s why people who encounter a trauma and stop to help are heroes. And, this is why I may never be a hero, by this rationale.


See, I can’t do the totally heroic things. I can’t rush into burning buildings. I can’t see the people who need help and then stop to do so. My ability to act heroically is limited. Still…we all want to be heroes, I think.

While this isn’t heroism in the first degree, I’d like to volunteer my services via the BLINK Foundation:

and through the I’m Here Movement:

Both are part of the 501C3 Marvelyne and I seeded a year or two ago. Right now, I’m hoping to work with the staff at Scott & White Hospital in Texas where the shooting victims were taken after the Fort Hood shooting last week. Working on that now.

Then yesterday, we all hear of the mass stabbing in Pittsburgh. Trying to locate the right people to talk to at the high school AND at the hospitals where the stabbing victims were taken.

See, there is this thing called secondary trauma. If you’re a student at that high school, yet didn’t see the attacks, aren’t friends with anyone who was attacked, maybe you weren’t even on property…but do you think the kids at that school are rattled? Do you think they may be carrying around some major stress after such a traumatic event? That’s where I (and The BLINK Foundation) come in…I want to be able to do presentations for the students and tie them back into the reason they come to school. I want to inspire them to seek out help when they need it. I want to help them overcome this adversity that’s been thrown their way. So, if you know anyone who can lead me to the right people, please get in touch.

What about nurses and docs and hospital staff? Think there may be some stress if five ambulances come roaring in and hospital employees look at bloody bodies all around? Think those HCPs may need a bit of overcoming adversity and inspiration after such a horrible event? I think so.


This is why I’d like to be able to rush in when the time is right. To help those who are vulnerable and hurting. To provide inspiration that “this” (whatever this tragedy du jour is) will take some getting used to, but it doesn’t mean life halts. If you know individuals who could use the Marcus message to heal, please, consider donating to the BLINK Foundation or the I’m Here Movement to help make this happen. Thank you.

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