Skydiving Without a Parachute

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Blind dudes skydiving? Sure, it’s been done. Not by me, but it’s been done. Truth be told, I get woozy standing on a sturdy stepstool, so jumping out of a plane isn’t appealing.

Yesterday, I learned a little lesson that includes skydiving, though maybe not how you think. It’s actually a meditative practice to redirect the mind during times of stress. Goes a little something like this:
Imagine yourself skydiving –

As you free float, imagine discovering you do not have a parachute.

Then, imagine there is no ground.

Then, imagine there is no you.

This type of cyclical thinking can help when our brains get hijacked by anxiety, worry, negative thoughts, whatev. Give it a try…even if you have no desire to ever jump out of a perfectly good aircraft.

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